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Kerala Agri Scheme Monitoring System (KASMOS) is a web based online scheme monitoring and Management Information System for Department of Agriculture. It is a virtual space for concurrent monitoring and evaluation of plan schemes under the Department of Agriculture, implemented across the state.

The system has been conceptualized, designed, developed and implemented by IIITM-K for the Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala.


The Department of Agriculture implements several schemes across the state through its wide network of offices upto the panchayath level. These schemes are being implemented through krishibhavans in each panchayaths, which needs to be monitored frequently. Currently there is no such system available in the Department to aggregate information from various districts. It is very important to build such system and implement for effective monitoring and evaluation.


Scope & Objectives
The total project scope ranging from information aggregation to projects status monitoring is very large. Here are some of the varieties of studies to be done and system components.
  1. To conceptualize, develop, implement and monitor a web based information system, which can monitor, review the periodical progress of schemes implemented by the Department of Agriculture and to make an effective reporting system.
  2. To develop information system to capture the relevant details of schemes by crop wise, activity wise, spatial distribution and cost components wise etc.
  3. To bring out an improved, standardized and uniform reporting template for schemes.
  4. To develop a system with cross-functional information search across various schemes.
  5. To improve the efficacy of the staff in each division of Department for the preparation and monitoring of schemes status reports.
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